Iris Isabella Engelund

CEO, Founder & Keynote Speaker

CEO & Founder

The company's vision

We want to be a gamechanger in how we work with the human potential. Our mission is that the employees and leaders embraces their talents in a a much higher degree
because this is they key to gain inner motivation, engagement and succes for the companies.

At the same time, we also want to be a new tool in education and school system to create optimal framework for young professionals. Knowing their talents early, they are able to embrace their talents in their career and choose a sustainable career where they suceed.

Educators & Leadership Trainers

Malene Hein

Strategic sparring partner, mentor &
Keynote Speaker

Lisbet Mensa-Annan

Founder of Mensa Leadership Consult
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Mette Holmgaard

Leadership and employee development
Mette Holmgaard

Helle Nordved

Professional Leadership Advisor & Headhunter
Helle billede

Michael Casparij

Michael Casparij

Ole Meilandt Bygholm

Business developer & coach

Arne Nielsson

Coaches and Carriere developers
3 - Arne Nielsson - Foredragsholder og Coach

Amalie Folkenberg

Keynote speaker & Business Coach

Søren Spanner Bach

PhD, Talent Coaching & Talent Management

Claus Gylling

Certified Chief Happiness Officer
4 - Claus Gylling, Chief Happiness Officer

Elsebeth Jensen

Partner, Wishbone Management APS
Elsebeth Jensen

Henrik Busch

Advisor, Busch On Board
Henrik Busch

Marianne Klercke

Career Mentor
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Laura Faurschou

Speaker and Speakercoach
laura faurschou

Dorte Berndt

Education and learning consultant
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Richard Løwe

Adm. Direktør, Richard Løwe

Marianne Lauritzen

Partner, Wishbone Management APS
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Helle Nordved

Professionel Leadership Advisor & Headhunter
Helle billede (1)

Coaches & Psychologists

Naima Halse Kirkefeldt

CEO, CoachYou

Vinnie Davida Søndergaard

coach and sports
2 - Vinnie Davida Søndergaard, Behandler, Coach, Foredragsholder

Githa Rasmussen

Career counselor & Coach

Miriam Høybye Kofod

Coach, Mentor & Sparring Partner
Miriam (1)

Heidi De Feuth

Heidi de Feuth-Coach