M3 concept

M3 – Motivation, Meaning og Measuring

If you and your company are interested in establishing a framework for strategic talent development and well-being in everyday life, the M3 concept is the ideal solution for you. We have developed a concept that easily creates a focus on motivation, meaning and measuring when using the concept, and it is  straightforward and uncomplicated to integrate into your existing processes. The concept is designed to support, not change, your existing workflows.

The result of use is that motivation, performance and the willingness to work increase significantly.

M3 is a showdown with the meaningless conversations.

Many managers find that they lack the skills and understanding to facilitate individual conversations, that create meaning for their employees. For that reason, conversations like MUS become something that both managers and employees feel compelled to complete hastily. With this mindset, these conversations become energy-sapping and devoid of commitment for both the manager and employee.

Therefore, it is time to create a new method for holding conversations, ensuring that we derive value from the valuable time we invest in MUS and other development conversations.

How it works

The M3 concept consists of a method where a focus is created on motivation, meaning and goals via digital supporting tools.

With the Play Your Talent app, the talents and thereby the motivation factors are revealed.

Specially designed preparation schedule provides focus on the relevant topics, as well as an indication of well-being based on whether the talents are in play.

With the specially designed M3 cards, dynamism and meaning are created in the conversation.

Play Your Goals supports continuous development, follow-up and creates visible results.

This is how you get started

If you wish to implement the concept, you will undergo training through a workshop and receive supporting materials, to ensure that you are well prepared for implementation in your company.

Value at M3​

  • Ensures a meaningful and motivating conversation
  • Trains managers to handle diversity, create commitment and motivate individual employees
  • Creates the optimal framework for the employees’ development process