Case study: Motorola Solutions

600 people worldwide had their talents uncovered in just 3 hours through 2 online keynotes!

When dealing with large organizations and needing an overview of talent potential and culture across all departments, teams, and roles, the process can be cumbersome. However, with Play Your Talent, the process becomes quick, easy, and manageable, without drowning in administration, thanks to its digital and operational methodology.

Here’s how the process unfolded with the Motorola Solutions case:

  • 2-hour meeting with the top leadership team:
    The method, theory, and platform were presented, followed by a live uncovering of the leadership’s talents and leadership potential. This demonstrated how quickly and effectively reflections, dialogues, and solutions can be generated.
  • 1-hour planning:
    Kickoff dates, project processes, and backend setup were discussed. A data processing agreement was signed.
  • 2 x 2-hour kickoffs with employees:
    All employees participated in one of the events. During the event, employees’ talents were live uncovered, and they checked in within their country, team, and role. Therefore, it didn’t matter which event they attended.
  • Analysis:
    Play Your Talent conducted an analysis, and the Motorola admin team gained access to the backend for data administration.
  • 4-hour meeting with the top leadership team:
    The analysis and findings were reviewed, including reflections and discussions about leadership and culture. Next steps were planned, including implementation concepts such as M3 (Motivation, Meaning, and Goal) conversations, Play Your Goals, and Play Your Strategy methods.

Next steps:

  • All leaders have “one-to-one” conversations based on talents, using M3 and Play Your Goals.
  • Top leadership examines the results in relation to the strategy.
  • Follow-up after 3 months with Play Your Talent.
  • Possibly record video material for onboarding new employees, to be decided during the follow-up.
  • The Play Your Talent process doesn’t have to be administratively burdensome. The digital solution is designed to be agile, fast, and operational, with an easily manageable backend.