Play Your Talent is an innovative software for working with talent development in an easy and efficient way. You can use the software for both personal and professional development.

The software works as a digital platform; an app that interacts with users on an everyday basis.

By using the Play Your Talent platform, you can uncover your own talents – or the talents of your employees, thereby gaining an insight to which talents the company has. Discover which talents gives or drains each individual of energy. Data and results from the software can also be used to validate and measure talent efficiency in an organization or company, and thereby ensure that talents are more efficiently put into play. The outcome of working with talent development through the platform is actually, that you will experience a significant increase in the individual’s/team’s motivation, efficiency, teamwork, and job satisfaction. The software behind Play Your Talent is a new and innovative way to work with talents, due to the gamification aspect. Further to this, you can work with strategy implementation, talent development, performance, goals, and results in an entertaining way which enables the users to interact and participate in a community with other co-workers.

Companies with motivated employees
performs 202% better

0 %
Increased productivity
0 %
Increased sales
0 %
Increased creativity

Uninvolved employees
are expensive for the company

0 %
Less profitability
0 %
Less job growth
0 %
Lower stock price over time
0 %
More sick leave
0 %
More errors in the work

With this software and management module you will get:

  • A tool that helps you to increase your employees’ performance, job satisfaction and well-being by up to 30%
  • Insight into where each employee gains and loses energy
  • An easy overview of the culture of all your teams
  • Insight into task match and talents
  • Search for talent in your company to match for specific assignments
  • Easy team composition with a digital tool
  • A smart tool and model for running individual conversations
  • Opportunity to gain insight into your high-performers and thereby the opportunity to recruit talent that fits exactly your company and tasks
  • Very low level of administration
  • Great time saving

Play Your Talent creates transparency in complexity between people.

Get a unique management tool that can uncover the hidden culture and talent potential of your company.

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How Play Your Talent works

The app visualizes when a person is either motivated or drained of energy, as well as which tasks are best suited for which person.

The app, and the software behind it, shows how teams and individuals should be managed in order to increase their performances, thus increasing the overall productivity by 30%.

The “Play Your Goals” program further ensures a documented execution through gaming, which will lead to successful change management processes.

Play Your Goals can support executions in an easy, smart, and efficient way

If you want to work with talent development, documented executions, sale, KPIs, strategy, leadership development, onboarding, as well as goal and meeting follow-ups, – these are easily managed with the Play Your Goals program. Just type in your goal, your behavioral design, and the specific actions for you to achieve your goal. Set a wanted time frame for you to work with your goal, and receive your challenges on your phone within that wanted time frame. You win by executing your goals. By doing this, Play Your Goals can document and create execution transparency by overlooking the challenges won by a team, for instance. Play Your Goals is developed through scientific research, which shows that gaming and nudging supports the success rate for strategies and goal-settings. The system is GDPR-proof and it protects data –  read further in the private policy

Easy setup of goals, challenges = execution

The software.

Play Your Talent is an innovative platform as it is rooted in gamification as well as the newest research, making it possible for the user to work with strategy implementation, talent development, goals, and results – in a simple, operational, and motivational way.

The software changes the way an organization works with development and goals, – because it invites the users to enter into an entertaining and interactive universe at the workplace. The changes are then trained on a regular basis, and implemented within the workflow and the culture of the company.

The statistical data foundation behind the software, makes it possible for the platform to create a quantitative analysis of the talent potential within the company/organization, which brings this knowledge into a cultural context for the company. The software’s data and results also give you a valuable insight, which can be used to validate and measure the company’s/organization’s talent mass, which again leads to use the talents more efficiently and in a faster, more effective, and much more motivational way. Further to this, the software documents the development of each person involved. With this knowledge in hand, the manager/team can get a visible insight to the areas of possible optimization, to increase team efficiency when solving tasks and increasing the company’s progress.

Theoretical method

Everybody’s got talents

The method behind Play Your Talent disrupts the former thinking about talent development, because we consider every person to have multiple talents.

Most companies today have talent programs selected for people with certain, specified performances, e.g. 9-grid. But what about the rest of the employees? What happens when some people are selected, and some are not?

Talent programs for the selected few, is not the most effective method to use in company organizations, because you fail to activate the entire talent potential of the company. It is true that talent needs to be stimulated, however, the traditional method is too narrow in hindsight to the latest talent research. A talent that is often overlooked is the analytical talent, and since it is a thinking talent, it is not easily spotted in the traditional performance parameters.

Neuroscience and Psychology together creates a new and more modern method regarding our motivations, learning processes, and development skills. The research is based on the fact that everybody has a talent; in fact, everybody has multiple talents. By focusing on these talents and letting them be fully utilized creates a much higher value for the company, than the talent programs chosen for the few selected.

The best employees are not necessarily the ones that perform well in a 9-grid frame. The most valuable employees are the ones whose talents are put into play in the right way, and thus works with tasks that gives them energy. In this way, they can contribute to the company in the best way possible.

It is the responsibility of the company and the managers to ensure that the right people are assigned to the right projects and tasks – and this is exactly what Play your Talent is developed for.

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My experience as a teacher and lecturer for over 19,000 people, over the past few years, has shown that the studies are not entirely wrong. When I have asked participants, students, clients, and others – whether they have knowledge of their top ten talents, and whether they are aware of what energizes them, or what drains them – only a few actually have that insight and knowledge, but only at a very general level.
Iris Engelund, CEO & Founder, Play Your Talent