Which value can Play Your Talent create for you?

Below, you will find a list of the outcomes, effects, and positive changes you will gain when implementing Play Your Talent – all of which contributes to create more value for your company.

  • Map talent potential
  • Measure the use of talents
  • Increase the use of talents
  • Analyze the entire company’s use of talents down to each individual
  • Analyze how to solve tasks more efficiently
  • Analyze data and create the optimal project team based on talents and other facts
  • Retain employees

The digital software.
The software's talent program is able to:

Theoretical statement of method

The methodological conviction of Play Your Talent is based on the assertion that everyone has talents – something they are particularly good at. Neurology, psychological theories, and personality tests all point towards the fact that us humans have developed certain preferences, strengths, and talents on different areas throughout our upbringing, which has an impact on our motivation, efficiency, and drive when we play our talents.

How to perceive the concept of talents in this method

Talent is a combination of experience, preference, and strength. Our talents have been developed throughout our upbringing – we have practiced and strengthened them, more or less unaware, for many hours through many years.

Taking Neurology and NLP’s (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) theoretical approach into consideration as well as Ph.D. Dr. Britt Adreatta, – the terminology and understanding of talent is quite simple:

  • The neurons/connections in our brains are thick in those areas where we are most talented – i.e. where we have been practicing the most, and thus receive energy.
  • The neurons/connections in our brains are thin in those areas where we are least talented – i.e. where we have been practicing the least or not at all, and thus lose energy.

There are many theories in Neuroscience that explains the concept much more detailed, however, to understand the perception of this method, further explanation is not needed.

This method is developed for the purpose of people discovering their potential talents, as well as making it possible for companies to put them into play.



An innovative platform will be built on a professionally qualified software system which offers a continued possibility for development.

Several exciting systems already exists on the market, but they do not work because they are too complex which employees cannot handle in a busy workday. The consequence of this is that many great systems, strategies and initiatives are wasted.

This system will be a simple, supportive function to keep focus on the changes wanted from top management on a strategical level. It will have an impact from top to bottom, and for the individual teams and people. This makes the Play Your Talent product range very interesting for all the companies, managers, HR, consultants and coaches that work with change management processes.



To create an insight to and a transparency for the talent mass, so it is possible to endow the great talent potential, which is hidden within people, and put it into play in the companies, and in people’s lives in general.

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