Do you want to develop your team?
We have a fantastic workshop to offer.

We have skilled talent trainers who can create an inspiring talent workshop, where a fantastic energy and increased understanding between colleagues is created.

The talent workshop focuses on how our various hidden talents have a decisive role for the relationships between people. With a humorous but research-based angle, a qualified suggestion is given on how to put your talent into play and create new and better business and collaboration opportunities in teams and companies.

During a workshop, the software platform “Play Your Talent” is used, where you can discover talents “Live” (a bit like Kahoot).

With this, you as a team and company get a concrete and operational tool to work with, to keep focus on, the talent potential in the future and get value from the workshop in the future.

The training is always peppered with illustrative exercises and examples from everyday life. Everyone is guaranteed to smile and gain greater self-awareness.

Concrete description of a team day:

  • Introduction to the theoretical approach “Real time talent” discovering via It system Play your talent APP
  • Insight into your own and others’ unique talent combination
  • Learning and training in the positive aspects and challenges of talents
  • Dialogue and working on the team’s challenges, based on a new shared framework of understanding
  • Cases/exercises along the way – targeted at the company’s needs


The added value of a presentation:

  • Everyone in the team gains a greater understanding of each other in a new, different and humorous way that gives food for thought. Everyone in the team gets a unique, personal, useful insight into themselves
  • The team gets an increased understanding and tools for how collaboration and efficiency can be improved
  • Job satisfaction, motivation and efficiency increase by up to 6x when talents are understood and stimulated!
  • Conflicts and misunderstandings are extremely minimized
  • When everyone can relate to the understanding of talent, it has a long-term positive impact on collaboration, job satisfaction and efficiency
  • The results show that we, with our talent development concepts, increases job satisfaction, commitment and initiative
  • Significantly improves communication
  • Increased understanding and inclusiveness in teams